The Smartphone Trail

The Smartphone Trail

Your smartphone provides a fun way to learn about Homestead.

Listen to rangers talk about various sites within the monument as you walk along the trails, visit the Heritage and Education Centers, and see the Freeman School. 

The Smartphone Trail is user friendly and flexible and may be listed to in any sequence.

Use the Tap2Call feature below to connect with the Smartphone Trail. When prompted, enter the trail position number (#) on your key pad to hear the presentation at each trail position

Calls are free although most carriers may charge minute usage depending on your service plan.

As you listen to the presentations during your visit, you will find many sites and scenery worthy of photographing.

We encourage you to take pictures, whether with your smartphone or camera, them share them with your family or friends and Homestead via Instagram (Homestead NM) and Facebook (Homestead National Monument of America).

Smartphone Trail Stops 


Tap the phone icon to call the Smartphone Trail. When prompted, enter the number of the trail position.

Welcome to the Heritage Center

# 2
What Pioneers Saw

# 3
Palmer-Epard Cabin

# 4
Walking the Prairie

Osage Orange Hedgerow

Freeman School

Visiting a Homestead