Listen closely and you will hear the sounds of the more than 60 species that either call this home or stop by for a visit during the migration process.  Birds include the American Goldfinch, Common Yellowthroat, Dickcissel, Red-bellied woodpecker and the Red-winged Blackbird.

Birds perch, flutter, nest, hunt, and soar at Homestead. The monument offers excellent habitat in the reconstructed prairie, as well as a natural bur oak forest. Many species nest or take refuge in the monument’s vegetation and along Cub Creek.

Bright colors and intricate songs of birds add visible and audible vitality to the monument’s historic setting. The presence or absence of grassland birds, such as Grasshopper Sparrows, Dickcissel, and Eastern Meadowlarks, indicates the prairie’s overall health. The presence or absence and type of woodland birds indicates the woodland health.

Ask a Ranger for our Bird Checklist and see how many you can identify!